Connector, which markets to look for?

30 Jul, 2019    View 1030 times
The connector industry in 2018 has been affected by the global market environment, but the capacity of the Chinese connector market is gradually expanding, especially in the 5G communication, new energy vehicles and electronics industries, with a strong growth potential. Reliable Connector Co, Ltd. executives believe that if you can quickly grasp the future technology development trend, connector manufacturers will have new development opportunities in the future.
Automation is key to the sustainability of the connector industry. At present, competition in the electronics industry is intensifying, and companies mostly rely on lowering costs to ensure profits. Therefore, accelerating the automated production process has become one of the ways to reduce costs.
2018 is very confused, 2019 is very difficult, the situation is severe, and the prospects are bright. In any case, only by intensifying innovation, embracing automation, and embracing new technologies can we catch up with the express trains in the incremental market, thus avoiding the muddy battle.