The complete industrial chain supporting advantages will continue

22 Jul, 2019    View 1204 times
The complete industrial chain supporting advantages will continue. China has formed a relatively complete manufacturing system covering all types of processing manufacturing and equipment manufacturing, it can meet the material consumption needs of residents and government departments, and also provide technical equipment for simple reproduction activities and expansion of reproduction activities in various sectors of the national economy. 
Perfect industrial supporting advantages, on the one hand, the manufacturing industry has its upstream and downstream auxiliary facilities and demand market, optimizing the product structure of the manufacturing industry; on the other hand, it means processing, production, assembly, etc. of different types and different factors. Manufacturing processes complement each other and play their partA complete set of industrial chains has significantly shortened the industrialization cycle of China's manufacturing industry innovation, enabling technological innovation achievements to "blossom and bear fruit" faster, this is a very important advantage for technology-intensive industries, especially emerging industries.
On the whole, in addition to a relatively small number of advanced manufacturing equipment, parts and materials supporting capabilities are relatively weak, China's manufacturing industry chain supporting capacity is in the forefront of the world.